Staff Frequently Asked Questions

 Camp Staff 2015

Camp Staff 2015

How do I apply to be Camp Tidnish Staff?

Fill out the online application here:

Or, send a Cover Letter and Resume to

What positions are available each season?
We typically hire over 25 people to work at camp and fill the following positions each summer:

  • Assistant Camp Director
  • Program Director
  • Lifeguards
  • Head Nurse (LPN/RN)
  • Student / Assistant Nurse
  • Head Counsellors
  • Camp Counsellors
  • Head Cook
  • Line Cook
  • Food Service Manager
  • Laundry / Maintenance Staff

For a full job description, click here.

When does Camp Tidnish start hiring?
We always accept applications to keep on file! The hiring officially starts at the beginning of the New Year! We continue accepting applications until we are fully staffed.

What Qualifications do I need?
Although experience working with people with disabilities is certainly an asset, it is not a requirement. We require all staff to have Emergency First Aid and CPR as a minimum. We also require a criminal record check with vulnerable sector checked prior to the first day of work. The minimum age requirement is 16 years. 

Where will I stay?
We provide all staff with meals and accommodations during camp sessions. Cabin staff will rotate between our staff areas and our wonderful cabins. Support staff and other program staff will have a designated space in our buildings. All buildings have Air Conditioning. 

What is the time off?
After every camp session (7days), staff get 2-4 days off. We allow staff to stay on site during the breaks when camp is not in session, as long as the site is respected. Check out the Staff Schedule!

During each workday, staff can often get a break during the camper rest period to check their phone, or during the evenings after camper bedtime. Staff are required to stay on site during the camp session, to be on call in the case of an emergency.

Is there internet access for staff?
Yes! We have Wi-Fi internet access for staff members to check email and complete school work during break times and at the end of the day. 

How much will I be paid during the summer?
A first-year Counsellor can expect to make over $4,000 during the course of the summer (Late May – End of August). It’s equivalent to another minimum wage job, but a lot more fun and rewarding! Other positions that require other skills or training, pay a higher rate. All Easter Seals Nova Scotia staff is paid twice monthly. Meals and Accommodations are provided!

What are the benefits?
Camp Tidnish has a remarkable reputation for providing quality camping experiences for over 80 years.  It can be an asset to your resume and an opportunity to develop professional references.

It is also an opportunity to make new friends and share experiences with other staff. It offers the opportunity to work with people from diverse backgrounds and educations such as Nursing, Education, Recreation Therapy, Occupational Therapy and many others. Camp staff will often plan events and get-togethers during the breaks between camp sessions.

Can I volunteer at Camp?
We always love another pair of hands on site. Please contact us for information on volunteer opportunities at Camp Tidnish. A Criminal Record check with Vulnerable Sector checked is required.


For all staff related questions, please contact Steven McCluskey, Camp Director.

902 – 453- 6000 ext. 227